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 April 5, 2020  
 Breadcrumb Embroidery   

Midtown Sports
Embroidery and Custom Lettering Department

At Midtown Sports, our custom lettering shop is ready to provide you with the garments you need for your team, company, organization, or loved one.

We specialize in Letterman jackets, tackle twill jerseys, baseball pant piping, hats, polos, and much more. Our in-house graphic designer will digitize your design or help you create one. With seven embroidery and two sewing machines, we are ready to provide embroidery and heat seal services for your whole team or company. Our friendly and dedicated staff will outfit your group promptly and with style.
Contact  our Embroidery Department manager Maria Turner through email at  

We offer a wide variety of lettering typefaces for your use. Some of our most popular options may be previewed here.

Browse our online logo catalog to select an embroidery logo that is right for your needs.
093B49C4-E57D-4C28-9A84-C39948BE0F84.jpeg 0F87D701-1451-42D3-86E5-89BE3456528D.jpeg 10481352_654742221272395_4605631033282638954_o.jpg 27072360_1599330876813520_4319606968148752178_n.jpg 27369174_1602322066514401_7446341323885970554_o.jpg 27459692_1602299129850028_2675189731708280325_n.jpg 27500616_1599359670143974_7248970591637930409_o.jpg 27540093_1602298966516711_5554235752346836602_n.jpg 27545345_1600312633382011_1252414311333086354_n.jpg 30167860_1669079469838660_3955194875799118013_o.jpg 3E8A6C6E-2B5E-4C94-97D3-74F58906890B.jpeg 57886566-E254-4ACC-8909-B1FC3349FD52.jpeg A291733A-2A7C-48D1-ADC9-31D4FA958CC5.jpeg 7F1AB785-9220-410C-9992-E6CE0D4823F6.jpeg 06596D23-1812-45D3-9D31-68B41D54B9B1.jpeg TU JACKET .jpg TW JACKET .jpg TW CAP MUSTANG .jpg WOODLAKE CAP .jpg WOODLAKE JACKET .jpg WELDER EMB. .jpg EXETR HS JACKET .jpg EXETER HS EMB. JACKET BACK .jpg EL DIAM. JACKET .jpg BASKETBBALL JACKET .jpg FOOTBALL EMB. .jpg GOLDEN WEST BLAZER VISOR.jpg GW LOGO SHIELD EMB .jpg PORTERVILLE JACKET.jpg GW PARKA .jpg MISION OAK JAKET .jpg REDWOOD BASE JACKET .jpg VIOLIN EMB..jpg

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